Our Story

Donuts.no is a family business, based on our experience with food and our love for the simple ingredients. We believe that all our guests are valuable, and we strive to give each of them a great experience with our products, from Street Food Festivals,  Donut Dessert Bars or just Donut Boxes.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a simple lunch at work, a meeting with colleagues or potential clients, courses, presentation or any other event, our Donuts will always make them better!

Every donut is hand-made with love and exotic ingredients by genuine Mayan girls. Or Robert, depending on who is working.

Artisanal Pastry – Donuts

Contact Us

Chose your BOX, leave your message & adress, VIPPS us and wait for your goodies


PHONE – 46375544

MAIL – post@donuts.no

VIPPS – #565862 (donuts.no)

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